December 1, 2012

Once Upon A Time...

. . .There was a King and Queen
They longed for a child, but for years their dream did not come true. Finally, they decided to search for a Fairy Birth Mother. They knew this would bring their miracle to them and bless them with a child. After searching and searching, they finally found a Fairy Birth Mother who brought them a little Princess
They felt like their castle was missing something so they began the search again.  A short while later another Fairy Birth Mother brought them a little Prince.  
They love having 2 sweet miracles in their Castle but would love even more. So the King and Queen began their search again for another Fairy Birth Mother. They know she is out there and cannot wait to meet her. They are so excited to welcome another Prince or Princess into their home to help complete their Happily Ever After.

November 30, 2012

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. We can't even imagine how very difficult this time is for you and we pray for you daily. We pray that you can feel peace and love from our Heavenly Father while you are faced with this decision. We hope to be a support for you, regardless of your choice.
After several years of trying to get pregnant, we were told our chances of conceiving were very slim. We had the choice of going through expensive treatments that were not guaranteed or pursuing adoption. After a lot of prayers, we decided that we would grow our family through adoption and we have never looked back. Adoption has been the biggest miracle that has come in to our lives. We love watching our family grow not only with our children, but with their birth parents and families.
Though we have always felt a great love and respect for birth parents, that love has grown exponentially as our relationship with Grace's and Joey's birth parents grows. We know we cannot be parents without these incredible people and hold their love and feelings very close to our hearts. We want our children to not just hope or believe, but to know that they have birth parents who love them. We also want our children to know their birth parents throughout their lives. There will never be a day that our children don't know that they are adopted and that they are loved by their birth parents. We are very comfortable with an open adoption and hope to build a lasting relationship with our children's birth parents, because there can never be too many people in a child's life that love and care for them. We celebrate adoption and the joy that it has brought into our lives.
We look forward to getting to know you and cannot wait to welcome you into our hearts and our home. Since we first made the decision to adopt, we have been praying for you. Even though we may not know each other yet, we already have so much love for you. If you would like to find out more about our family, feel free to email us at
With Love,  

Robby, Angee, Grace, and Joey

November 29, 2012

Fairy Tale Beginning

Our engagement pictures

We met in our Single's ward while we were both going to college. After a few misunderstandings, Robby completely ignoring Angee, and Angee dating Robby's roommate instead and that not working out, Robby finally got the courage to ask Angee on a date. Robby called around 3 in the afternoon and asked if Angee wanted to attend a wedding with him that night. She said she did. Then he told her that they had to leave in less than an hour because the wedding was over 2 hours away. Angee had to frantically change from the pajamas she was lounging in, into a dress fit for a wedding. We talked the entire ride there and back and quickly knew that we wanted to spend all our time together. 2 days later, Angee drove 3 hours to meet Robby's family. The next day, Robby drove the 3 hours back and met Angee's family. We quickly fell in love and were inseparable. 2 months (exactly) from our first date, Robby sent Angee on a scavenger hunt to propose. She said yes and then, on our 6 month anniversary, we were married in the Mesa, Arizona Temple.  The past 7 years have had their ups and downs, but we are forever in love.

November 28, 2012

Our Castle

We love to watch movies together. Our first date, after the wedding, we watched 6 together, in a row. We love all kinds of movies though Angee tends to enjoy Disney movies and chick flicks more, while Robby enjoys action and drama (he calls them "thinking" movies). We also love to read together. Angee will read out loud to Robby while we are driving. She even convinced him to listen to the Twilight series. Robby loves reading so much and could probably spend 95 percent of his time in a library. He is constantly learning new things and has taught himself how to do so many different things just from reading. He hopes to one day write his own book. Angee is more of a fantasy reader. She loves Anne of Green Gables and Harry Potter and has read them over and over again.

We hope to instill a love of learning in all our children. We already have a small library of children's books and are constantly finding more and more books to add. We love reading every day with our children and it's their favorite times of the day. We taught Grace sign language (she knows over 100 signs and that grows every week) and Joey is catching onto signs too and knows 4 signs. We love being able to communicate with our children before they are able to verbally talk. Angee is able to be a stay-at-home mom and loves setting apart time each day for learning. Robby is a software engineer and is able to occasionally work from home.

We love to go to Disneyland. We go several times a year and just love the magic that Disneyland has. We try to do something new every time we go but we do have our favorite things to do. Robby loves to go and learn to draw the different Disney Characters while Angee loves to watch the parades and fireworks. Robby can't leave the park without riding Space Mountain at least once and Angee could ride Thunder Mountain Railroad 15 times in a row and never be bored.

We both have a love of music. Robby plays the guitar and Angee plays the Tuba and sings. We hope our children will have a love of music, whether they play an instrument, sing, or just love listening to music, that will be fine with us. We also were in sports (Robby in swimming and Angee in an assortment of sports) and cannot wait for them to be able to choose a sport that they love, will work hard at, and be successful in.

November 26, 2012

Want to know More?

You can read more about us on the links on the top of our website. We would also love to hear from you. Feel free to send us an email at Or we would be happy to instant message you on there too. We would love to get to know you better too and welcome you into our family.