King of the Castle

Robby on our wedding day. He volunteered to wear the pink tie, I swear. :)

Robby meeting our twin nephews, David and Erik, for the first time.

Robby with our nephew Connor at Disneyland.

Robby and Connor at his families extended Family Reunion in Nevada. They had so much fun running around while camping.

Robby LOVES to race Go-Karts. He's pretty competitive but it's ok, because he's really good.

Robby in front of California Adventure. Halloween time was a lot of fun this last year.

Robby's favorite thing in the world, snuggling with Grace.

Grace has Robby wrapped around her baby finger, and he would't have it any other way

Robby loves his little princess.

Robby grew up in Yuma, Arizona. He is the oldest of 4 kids. His sister, Alyssa, lives in Yuma with her husband and 3 kids Connor (4), Jake (2), and Clara (born in January 2011). His younger brother Rees lives in Phoenix and is currently working. His youngest brother, Ryan, is currently serving his mission in the Phillipines and is coming home this July. His dad is a Civil Engineer and his mom works in a dental office and they still live in Yuma.

Robby was a swimmer growing up. He has also always been interested in technology and took many courses in college in Web Development. He currently works full time but hopes to in the future grow his business and be able to work from home.

As told by Angee: Robby loves to read, play guitar, relax, watch movies, and learn. He is constantly learning new things and just soaks up as much information as possible. He is a very hard worker and puts his whole heart and soul into everything he does. He is always smiling and cheerful. He's a goof-ball sometimes but he can always put a smile on my face. He is in LOVE with our daughter Grace. Any time she cries, he is the quickest one to jump up to help her. He volunteers for diaper changes and tucks her in for bed every night. He also loves to sneak into her room after she is asleep just to give her one last kiss before we go to sleep. He is so wonderful with all of our nephews and our niece. He loves every age but his favorite is brand new babies. When our first niece, Clara, was born, he held her every second we saw her and wouldn't let any one else hold her. He is my best friend and I count my lucky stars every day that I met him and that he chose me for Eternity.