Prince Joseph

Joey on his Birth Day.  Robby and Angee were blessed enough to be waiting outside the hospital room door while his birth mom was having her c-section.  A friend came to photograph everything so that we wouldn't forget one moment.
Joey with his birth mom at the hospital.  This picture brings tears to my eyes every time.  His birth mom had such a difficult pregnancy, but I never doubted for a second how much she loved her son.
Angee feeding Joey his first bottle.  He drank it so quickly and has been hungry ever since!
Robby talking to Joey in the nursery.  He had a few breathing problems when he was born but we were lucky enough to stay with him the whole time.
He's our favorite Christmas present.  He was originally due on Christmas, but came 3 weeks early.
Joey adores his daddy.  Every time Robby comes home, Joey instantly perks up and starts waving his arms.
Joey doing what he loves best.  Sleeping.  He is an amazing sleeper and if it's been too long since nap time, he will just spontaneously fall asleep wherever he is.  This picture was at church.  
Joey at 6 months.  He has such an incredible personality.  He is very relaxed and content to just watch his sister run around.
He is always happy.  Everyone comments on how happy and adorable he is.  He has the squishiest cheeks that people are always wanting to touch.
He may be the younger brother, but he won't be the little brother for long.  He's only a couple pounds and a few inches smaller than Grace. 
Joey just before he turned 1.  He is always a happy smiling little boy.  

Joseph Parker was born December 4, 2011.  Robby and Angee sat outside the operating room, waiting to get a glimpse of him.  After they wheeled him out, we were able to stay with him the entire time at the hospital.  It was immediately apparent that he has a very special spirit.  He was having problems breathing so they were monitoring him.  We tried to get him to cry to get some fluid out of his lungs, but he refused.  Wiggling him, putting cold hands on him, even bathing him did not get him to cry.  He slept through it all.  Finally, after a couple hours, the nurses let us hold him.  The instant he was in Angee's arms, his breathing started stabilizing.  Robby held him after that and his breathing was completely normal and never changed after that.  It was such a confirmation that he really was meant for our family.

After 6 days, on December 11, Joey's birth mom and her husband officially placed Joey in our family.  It was so hard seeing them hurt, but over and over they told us that they knew he was our son.  Over the next couple months, we were able to see them several times and texted or called almost daily.  Tragically, on February 6, 2012, only 2 months after Joey was born, she passed away.  She had developed double pneumonia and after several hospitalizations and finally thinking she was better, we got the horrible news.  We were devastated.  We were able to attend her funeral and Angee sang a song of comfort for her family.  We were able to meet her parents, her oldest daughter, and the adoptive parents of her second daughter. We have not met Joey's birth dad, but hope to build a relationship with him in the future.  

Joey is such an angel.  He is very calm and content just watching his big sister run around.  He walks everywhere now and is starting to try to run.  He wants to keep up with his big sister.  He loves to eat and will get very upset if we are all eating and he is not.  He loves to play with toys and his favorite ones are anything that makes noise.  He has the sweetest curly hair that is curling more and more every day.  He loves to be tickled and has the most infectious laugh.  He is such a perfect addition to our family.  

Nicknames: Joey, Jojo, Jparks, Little Monster, Big Man, and Brother

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